High Risk Cash Advances for Texas Merchants

TX high risk merchant cash advances are offered to Texas merchants from MerchantWorthy.com. As a substitute for traditional business loans, MerchantWorthy.com’s high risk merchant cash advances give TX risk merchants the capital they need – without the typical limitations they’d experience from conventional bank loans! Benefits of a high risk merchant cash advance include:

• No required collateral
• Fast review process (24-48 hours)
• Immediate access to cash
• Credit card sale-based collections
• No restrictions on how funds are used

Texas businesses in high risk industries such as the internet merchant (e-commerce), online pharmacy, or travel industries may face additional challenges when trying to secure reliable funding. Many of these TX merchants are ineligible for bank loans because they are regarded as high risk merchants due to high chargeback frequency, low credit scores, business tax liens or offshore merchant operations. For these high risk businesses that are ineligible for bank loans, MerchantWorthy.com‘s specialized high risk cash advance services can help!

TX risk merchants use MerchantWorthy.com’s high risk merchant cash advances because, unlike traditional bank loans, they can pay it off without an official due date by leveraging their future credit card sales. More specifically, TX merchants pay off their cash advance through an agreed percentage of future credit card sales. It’s MerchantWorthy.com’s goal to make the business cash advance process as quick and convenient as possible, so that risk merchants can get back to running their businesses as soon as possible!

Whether you are in Dallas, Houston or San Antonio, MerchantWorthy.com has a specialized team of in-house underwriters that can help you get the working capital you need. Call us today at 800-357-0001 to get started and to learn more about high risk merchant cash advances!

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