High Risk Cash Advances for Pennsylvania Merchants

PA high risk merchant cash advances are offered by MerchantWorthy.com to PA high risk merchants. Merchants that have been classified as high risk merchants by banks can turn to MerchantWorthy.com’s various high risk merchant account services, including business cash advances, as an alternative to commercial bank loans.

A PA merchant may be considered a high risk merchant for any number of reasons, including low credit scores, a high number of chargebacks, business tax liens, or offshore merchant accounts. Some high risk industries include the internet merchant (e-commerce), adult, airline, or online pharmacy industries.

A high risk merchant cash advance has numerous benefits over traditional bank loans – advantages include (but are not limited to):

• Fast review process (24-48 hours)
• No required collateral
• No restrictions on how funds are used
• Collections based on future credit card sales
• Quick access to cash

A high risk merchant cash advance from MerchantWorthy.com means there is no overly complicated loan process. Our unsecured merchant loan plans are flexible and efficient; custom-made for PA risk merchants. Collateral is not required to secure a merchant cash advance – and, unlike banks, we won’t tell risk merchants how they should spend their borrowed capital. Plus, there are no official due dates! Merchants pay off their advance through an agreed-upon percentage of future credit card sales – it’s that simple!

If you’re in urgent need of cash and are a risk merchant operating in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, or anywhere in Pennsylvania, contact MerchantWorthy.com today at 800-357-0001 to learn how a high risk merchant cash advance can help your business!

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