Ohio High Risk Merchant Cash Advance

Ohio high risk merchant cash advances from MerchantWorthy.com are a way for businesses, including internet merchants, to get the working capital they need. Business cash advances provide an alternative for merchants that are regarded as high risk merchant by banks, and therefore cannot secure a loan. OH merchants may be classified as high risk merchants for a number of reasons, including high chargeback frequency, low credit scores, business tax liens or offshore merchant operations. Some high risk merchant industries include the airline, online pharmacy, credit repair, or tobacco industries.

MerchantWorthy.com provides high risk merchant account services, including high risk cash advances. Also known as unsecured merchant loans, high risk merchant cash advances are typically used by businesses to pay off debts, improve cash flow, buy inventory, invest in advertising or marketing, expansion, etc. However, unlike a loan from a commercial bank, there are practically no limitations as to how businesses use their high risk merchant cash advance! MerchantWorthy.com’s cash advances provide the following benefits to OH risk merchants:

• No collateral required
• Easy application process
• Fast access to cash
• Revenue-based collections

At MerchantWorthy.com, repaying a business cash advance is easy. Risk merchants pay back their cash advance through a set percentage of their future credit card revenue. The percentage of their daily credit card sales that is kept for payment is based on their overall monthly credit card sales. Thus, there is no undue financial burden on OH high risk merchants – the collections will continue until the entire business cash advance is paid off.

Call MerchantWorthy.com today at 1-800-357-0001 to learn more and to see if a merchant cash advance is just what your business needs!

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