High Risk Cash Advances for Florida Merchants

Need a High Risk Merchant Cash Advance in Florida? MerchantWorthy.com can help! We offer business cash advances to FL high risk merchants. Don’t let merchant account termination slow your business down – get a high merchant cash advance from MerchantWorthy.com today!

MerchantWorthy.com provides various high risk merchant account services such as cash advances or high risk merchant processing for FL high risk merchants. FL businesses may be classified as high risk merchants by merchant processors for a number of reasons, including low credit scores, business tax liens or offshore merchant operations. However, the most common reason why FL businesses or FL risk merchants are classified as high risk merchants is due to an increasing number of chargebacks. Some high risk merchant industries include the currency exchange, telemarketing, travel, tobacco, and airline industries.

A high risk merchant cash advance from MerchantWorthy.com provides cash to FL risk merchants quickly, without the strict requirements of a traditional loan offered by banks and other lending institutions. Another attractive feature of a high risk merchant cash advance is that FL merchants are not required to directly repay the money that’s been advanced. Payments are made through their MerchantWorthy.com credit card merchant account through a percentage of every credit card transaction.

Florida merchants, including FL internet merchants, who’ve been deemed high risk by banks and therefore can’t secure a bank loan can call MerchantWorthy.com to submit an application over the telephone. In most cases, our in-house underwriting team can review your merchant account within 24-48 hours of receiving the necessary paperwork.

Call MerchantWorthy.com today at 800-357-0001 to submit an application and to learn more about high risk merchant cash advances from our experienced team!

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