Merchant Cash Advances at MerchantWorthy

Merchant cash advances from MerchantWorthy are a viable option for business looking to boost their working capital without having to deal with the hectic bank loan process. Why are merchant cash advances a fast and easy alternative to bank loans? Because there’s no obligation and no collateral required!

With a merchant cash advance from MerchantWorthy, you pay off your cash advance as you go and get convenient, hassle-free access to working capital based on your future credit card sales. In other words, MerchantWorthy “purchases” a small, fixed percentage of your future credit card sales and advances that money up front. When the capital is available, MerchantWorthy will begin to collect the agreed upon percentage of your daily credit card sales until the cash advance is completely paid off.

Merchant cash advances are used by business for a variety of reasons, such as meeting payroll or general cash flow needs, purchasing new equipment, advertising and marketing, or growth and expansion. No matter what your financial needs are, there is no limitation as to how you can use your merchant cash advance!

MerchantWorthy understands the need for quick and reliable funding – at the same time, we recognize our cash advances as an investment in your business’ future. Please contact us today to learn more about the various funding options we provide.

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