Offshore Merchant Account

An offshore merchant account is a type of specialized merchant account that helps businesses process credit card payments overseas with fewer trading restrictions. is an industry leader in providing offshore merchant account services to a variety of business types, including e-commerce businesses or high risk merchants. As a trusted partner of reputable offshore banks, we’ll match you with the best offshore bank based on your business needs.

Why Choose An Offshore Merchant Account?

Because offshore banks have fewer restrictions than domestic banks, offshore merchant accounts have higher approval rates. This makes offshore merchant accounts a popular credit card processing solution for high risk merchants. With an offshore merchant account from, your high risk business will receive merchant account approval, enabling you to sell your products or services in no time.

Offshore Merchant Account Advantages

From small, start-up businesses to corporate enterprises, provides customized offshore merchant account solutions and excellent customer service to address your unique business needs. Key advantages of opening an offshore merchant account with are:

  • High approval rate for high risk merchants
  • No upfront deposits or fees required
  • Fast approval process – within 24 hours for eligible merchants
  • Offshore merchant account approval for businesses with bad or no credit
  • Reduced tax liability
  • No credit card processing volume limits

Additionally, offshore merchant accounts help generate new revenues by enabling merchants to enter untapped international markets. Offshore credit card processing offers businesses multi-currency processing options as well as unlimited markets to accept credit cards and local payment methods. Sell in new foreign markets and grow your online business with a offshore merchant account. Contact us at 1-800-357-0001 to get started.

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