Georgia Internet Merchant Account

Georgia internet merchants looking for an online merchant account with low credit card processing rates can contact Internet merchants based in GA can get fast account approvals from with no upfront fees and same day funding options.

Internet merchant account provider specializes in credit card processing services for e-commerce merchants throughout the U.S, including Georgia internet businesses. has an array of internet merchant clientele operating from Atlanta to Savannah to Augusta.

Payment Gateway Bundles

Secure payment gateways can also be bundled with’s internet merchant accounts.Our payment gateway bundles ensure efficient credit card processing for GA internet merchants. Payment gateway solutions from include security features such as Address Verification System (AVS), data encryption, batch uploading, etc. These security measures reduce fraud and prevent risks. Our payment gateway bundles allow online retailers to accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, as well as enable them to automate recurring payments for improved cash flow. can work with any payment gateway but typically works with popular gateways such as Versatile Pay, Network Merchants,, etc.

Shopping Cart Software

Utilizing the right shopping cart software is critical to thrive in the highly competitive online retail market in Georgia. For that purpose, offers customized shopping cart software solutions to GA e-commerce merchants. We can work with over 250 shopping cart software so that online merchants can get services tailored to their specific business needs. Some of the shopping carts commonly integrated with our internet merchant accounts include Click Cart Pro, ShopSite, 1Shopping Cart, etc.

At we strive to ensure that your e-commerce merchant account, payment gateway and shopping cart software are correctly matched to maximize business outcomes.

Free Online Rate Quote Calculator

GA e-commerce retailers can use our free online rate quote tool for an instant account rate quote. No email, no social security number or other personal information required. (Please note the free rate quote is an estimate and only written final rate quotes will apply to your merchant account agreement.)

Contact Us

Alternatively, GA merchants can call at 1-800-357-0001 to get started. Online merchants who apply for an account over the phone can start processing credit card transactions within 24-48 hours!’s in-house underwriting team can approve online companies much quicker than other internet merchant account services providers. Contact us today for fast internet merchant account approval!

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