International Merchant Account

International merchant accounts and offshore merchant processing services can provide a secure and reliable merchant processing platform for your business. If your business needs to open an international high risk merchant account in order to do business in another country, can help! We specialize in offshore merchant processing for domestic and international retailers.

If you are a US merchant doing business overseas or a merchant looking to conduct business into the United States and need a merchant account, will help you to open your offshore merchant account. To keep things simple and convenient for you, we are always available for one-on-one risk merchant telephone or for in-office sessions to go over any aspect of the high risk merchant application, approval process or risk account characteristics. We’re a phone call away!

And with a international merchant account, there are no monthly fees for multi-currency transaction services. Our offshore merchant accounts have multi-currency transaction capabilities with the designated currency being US dollars. If you prefer funds to clear in another currency, you set up that currency conversion at the time of account set-up. To meet your needs, our global merchant accounts have significant flexibility.

Also built-in to a merchant account is our PIN-based transaction system. We find that the number one reason for merchant account termination is high chargebacks so while the system may not eliminate all merchant chargebacks, our goal is to save you money by cutting down on those chargebacks and keeping your transaction risks low.

Following are some answers to the most common questions about Offshore Merchant Accounts, in our Offshore Merchant FAQ:

  • As a client, will we have access to the PIN-based merchant chargeback reduction system? 
Yes. Our goal is to help make all of our Merchants more profitable and by using our proven Merchant Chargeback Reduction policies such as PIN-based transaction validation, everyone wins.
  • Will International merchants need to incorporate in and/or to set up bank accounts in the United States? 
No, International Merchants do not need to incorporate or set-up bank accounts in the US.
  • To take advantage of the FREE merchant web site compliance review, does the merchant web site need to be hosted in the United States?
 No, you may have a web site hosted in the country or countries of your choice. We’ll work with you to make the FREE compliance review convenient and easy to understand.
  • What currencies are accepted by the merchant transaction processing system? The standard currency for the system is the US dollar, but our international merchants select the currency of their choice for funds conversion.
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