California High Risk Merchant Accounts

Need a California high risk merchant account provider? offers risk merchant accounts, offshore merchant accounts or internet merchant accounts to CA businesses of ALL risk levels.

For California high risk merchants, offers risk merchant credit card processing services and offshore merchant accounts. Merchants located in and around San Francisco, Sacramento and south to San Diego can contact directly at 800-357-0001. Our team of in-house underwriters will gladly review your merchant account application and provide you with a wide range of merchant account features and service options.

As many Northern California-based merchants know, merchant processors can classify merchants as high risk when the merchant has low credit ratings, website compliance issues and/or a high number of merchant chargebacks. Merchants who engage in high risk businesses such as adult entertainment and debt collection are also highly likely to be considered high risk merchants. In Northern CA, especially in the Silicon Valley area, a good number of businesses are e-commerce or Internet merchants, many of whom are initially classified as high risk merchants. Fortunately, has the experience to help any high risk merchant get approved to start processing credit cards immediately. high risk merchant accounts offer assurances of chargeback insurance, risk adjusted pricing and guaranteed low rates with no downgrades.

If your merchant account was previously rejected or denied by a credit card processor, call us at 800-357-0001 and we will work to get your merchant account operational! In most cases we can review your application immediately and provide you with account confirmation and processing credit card transactions in 1 to 2 business days.

For California-based merchants who are in need of a merchant account as fast as possible, provides emergency merchant account activation services. Submit your merchant account application over the phone by calling 800-357-0001 today!

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