High Risk Merchant Account

A high risk merchant account is part of a full range of high risk merchant processing services from MerchantWorthy.com. Our high risk merchant services include high risk credit card processing and internet merchant account services. Our high risk merchant accounts are offered to merchants with business operations in the US and overseas, including businesses which accept multiple currencies. Furthermore, our high risk merchant account activation process is simple; businesses can typically open a high risk merchant account with MerchantWorthy.com within 24-48 hours.

High Risk Merchants Turn To MerchantWorthy.com

In addition to high risk merchant accounts, MerchantWorthy.com provides merchant account services, including high risk credit card processing, offshore merchant accounts and internet merchant accounts. These merchant services are available to merchants that have been categorized as “high risk.” Merchants may be classified as “high risk” merchants due to high merchant chargebacks or poor credit history. In fact, the most common cause for a terminated merchant account is excessive merchant chargebacks, resulting in the merchant being designated as high risk and forced to find a new merchant account services provider.

Top Rated High Risk Merchant Services

Need more than just a high risk merchant account? High risk merchants who need various high risk merchant services such as internet merchant accounts or offshore merchant accounts can turn to MerchantWorthy.com. Our in-house, expert team specializes in a variety of high risk merchant account services to ensure direct funding, fast account approvals, as well as competitive rates. MerchantWorthy.com also partners with reliable offshore and international acquiring banks in order to provide high risk merchant accounts to a wide range of e-commerce businesses.

High Risk Merchant Account Advantages

Some benefits of risk merchant accounts from MerchantWorthy.com include:

High Risk Merchants – Contact Us Today!

MerchantWorthy.com, a trusted high risk merchant processor, works with high risk businesses operating in merchant industries such as the adult, travel, tobacco, pharmaceutical, or telemarketing industries. If you’re a merchant business operating in a high risk merchant industry, contact us at 1-800-357-0001 for customized high risk merchant solutions. Local FL risk merchants can also visit us at our Pompano Beach, Florida showroom for one-on-one merchant account consultations.

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