Merchant Accounts

Need a merchant account? provides a wide range of merchant account solutions, including high risk merchant accounts, internet merchant accounts or offshore merchant accounts. We also offer top-rated international merchant bank accounts to businesses operating overseas.

Our merchant accounts can be customized for businesses of all risk levels, including merchants with bad or no credit. Additionally, we offer chargeback protection on our merchant accounts for businesses that experience a high number of credit card chargebacks. So what are you waiting for? Process credit cards now with a merchant account from Merchant!

High Risk Merchant Account

A high risk merchant account provides reliable credit processing to high risk businesses. If your business’ merchant account was terminated due to high chargeback, a high risk merchant account is likely the only solution. offers fast high risk account approvals, competitive rates, direct funding and secure payment gateway bundles as part of our wide-range of merchant account services. Compare our high risk merchant accounts with the competition now by using our free merchant account rate quote calculator or call 1-800-357-0001 to get a high risk merchant account quote now.

Internet Merchant Account

Internet merchant accounts allow online businesses to process credit card transactions over the internet. With an internet merchant account (also known as an e-commerce merchant account) from, your online business can operate without any delays or setbacks. We provide same day funding for eligible online merchants, recurring billing support, no processing volume limits, chargeback insurance and more. Internet merchants looking for a trusted internet merchant account provider should consult with the experts at

Offshore Merchant Account

An offshore merchant account is a specialized credit card processing account that is established in a foreign country. Offshore merchant processing enables online or high risk businesses to process payments in multiple currencies. Additionally, offshore credit card accounts offer tax benefits to high risk or internet merchant businesses. Learn more about the advantages of an offshore merchant account or call’s expert team at 1-800-357-0001.

Bad Credit Merchant Account

Bad credit merchant accounts are a specialized solution for merchants with poor or no credit history. We do not decline businesses with bad credit and it takes only about five minutes to apply. We’ll look at your business type, your average monthly processing volume as well as other factors to determine if your business is approved for a merchant account. Our holistic approach to merchant assessment and account approval helps to explain why we have one of the highest account approval rates in the industry!

Open a merchant account today by contacting at 1-800-357-0001.

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