Merchant Service Reviews

MerchantWorthy reviews are available from clients who have used our high risk merchant account services. High risk merchants are specific types of businesses that have a higher than normal chargeback ratio and higher than normal risk of returns or customer sales disputes. Read the risk merchant reviews and see how has helped risk merchant businesses in the USA, and worldwide!

  • “MerchantWorthy set us up with an offshore merchant account. Throughout the whole integration process, their IT department was available to our offshore integration team 24/7. With customers all over the EU, this processing account is helping us grow every month.”  -Thomas J., London, UK, 10/22/2011
  • “In the adult space, everyone told us they can “get us up and running in 24 hours”. Everyone except Merchant Worthy. With dozens of similar risk merchants in their portfolio, they were able to walk us through every step, explaining all of our options. We ended up changing our business model, cutting operational overhead by more than half, and freeing up time for the partners to spend marketing and promoting our site. And all we asked for was a merchant account!”  -Paul M., Tarboro, NC, 9/12/2011
  • “With both a brick and mortar store and an online pharmacy merchant site, regulatory issues reign supreme. MerchantWorthy was our tour guide through a process many merchants start but never finish due to the complexity of issues. Their in-house advice cost us nothing and continues far past account integration and activation. They stay on top of any changes for risk merchants and keep us in the loop.”  -Wallace G., Palo Alto, CA, 5/20/2011
  • “It was one year ago we lost our merchant account and clicked MerchantWorthy’s site on Google. They had us processing in under a week.  After 90 days we received a check for our Reserve back because we had only a handful of chargeback’s. I am happy to recommend their service.”  -Raul F., Annandale, VA, 1/10/2011

If you require merchant processing services immediately, use the contact form on the right or call us directly at 800-357-0001 to apply for a merchant account.

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