Read the high risk industry reviews or high risk merchant reviews to see how can help your high risk merchant business. provides credit card processing services for all high risk merchant businesses as well as high risk merchant industries. A long-time high risk merchant account holder or new to the world of risk merchant processing? Call at 800-357-0001 for fast merchant account approval!

Risk Industry Reviews

If your business falls into one of several identified industries your company may have been classified as a high risk merchant. Many companies with a high risk merchant classification are forced to obtain merchant processing via offshore or shared hosting accounts. Read the reviews and see how has helped many businesses in a wide range of risk industries.

  • “I had originally discussed opening a merchant account with Merchant Worthy. I went with another processor because of a slightly lower discount rate. Big mistake! My account was closed and my funds were frozen after less than 30 days…read more.”  -Mark N., New York, 1/25/2012
  • “As a new dating site in Turkey, we spent time and money developing a great site. Opening a merchant account turned out to be the hardest part of opening the business…read more.”  -Joseph S., Toronto,  6/21/2011

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Risk Merchant Reviews

High risk merchants are specific types of businesses that have a higher than normal chargeback ratio and higher than normal risk of returns or customer sales disputes. Read reviews from our clients and see how can help your risk merchant business.

  • It was one year ago we lost our merchant account and clicked MerchantWorthy’s site on Google. They had us processing in under a week…read more.”  -Raul F., Virginia, 1/10/2011
  • MerchantWorthy set us up with an offshore merchant account. Throughout the whole integration process, their IT department was available to our offshore integration team 24/7…read more.”  -Thomas J., London,  10/22/2011

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