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What are Peptides, How Are They Used and Are They Legal?
Peptides are defined as two or more amino acids formed in ‘chains’, which basically are small proteins.

Commonly they are used in the fitness arena, with a goal to help build muscle, burn fat and improve athletic performance. Peptides can be taken as nutraceutical supplements in powder, pill, capsule or liquid form. Certain peptides can be injected; these peptides (example IGF-1) typically are used to increase production of human growth hormone, again with athletic performance or faster recovery as the end goal. These peptides are generally available legally only for research or specific clinical purposes. While short-term results are often measurable both scientifically and in terms of performance or recovery, no one knows the outcome of long-term usage of these peptides.

Banned by anti-doping agencies as performance enhancing drugs (“PEDs”), peptides can be legally prescribed by a physician and there are more than 200 FDA-approved peptides that can be used for therapeutic purposes. Black market use or distribution of peptides in the US also falls under the jurisdiction of the FDA, but they have not been classified as a controlled substance by the FDA. It is for this reason that businesses selling peptides are classified as high risk merchants.

How can help with your high risk merchant processing account?
If, for whatever reason, your high risk merchant processing account has been terminated, rejected or denied by your merchant account provider, may be able to find a solution for you. We understand peptides have therapeutic benefits, though their distribution can be determined to be illegal. It can be very frustrating as a business owner to be classified as a high risk merchant and turned down for credit card processing because of peptide sales. recognizes that finding proper credit card processing services for your high risk business can be a challenge. High risk merchants often face a number of obstacles they have to clear before they find the right merchant account. If your merchant account has been terminated or denied by your merchant account provider, let provide you with tips about obtaining a high risk merchant card processing account.

If you are a high risk merchant looking to find processing for your peptides business, call today at 1-800-357-0001 we may be able to help!

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