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Restricted merchant accounts can be provided by MerchantWorthy.com to meet all your merchant
credit card processing needs. Restricted merchant businesses span many high-risk industries. From nutraceuticals to kratom or peptides to furniture sales, these businesses—often with high chargeback rates—have limited options for credit card processing as Internet merchants or receiving merchant cash advance loans.

At MerchantWorthy.com, we have deep experience as a high-risk card processor and may be able to steer your business to locating other sources for credit card processing. MerchantWorthy.com works to help risk merchants find merchant card processing, even in restricted industries which include the sale of substances like kratom and peptides .

MerchantWorthy.com recognizes that finding credit card processing services for restricted merchant business can be a challenge. High risk merchants, including those in herbal, incense and nutraceutical industries, often face a number of obstacles they have to clear before they find the right merchant account. We believe businesses that sell kratom and peptide products typically face the same challenges and, like other high risk merchant processing businesses, we can usually point them in the right direction to overcome those credit card processing challenges.

To learn more about high risk merchant card processing for your legal kratom or peptide sales business:

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