Internet Merchants

Internet merchants are businesses that sell products over the Internet with e-commerce software. offers internet merchant accounts to e-commerce businesses operating throughout the United States. Internet merchants require internet merchant accounts to sell their products and services online, and traditional merchant processing banks aren’t accustomed to an online business’ needs. That’s why specializes in internet merchant services. also provides e-commerce merchants bundled payment gateways and shopping cart software.

Internet Merchant Accounts

Internet merchant accounts from are a trusted solution for e-commerce businesses that want dependable internet merchant processing. While traditional merchant processing banks claim to offer internet merchant accounts, they lack the expertise necessary to truly provide e-commerce businesses with the best possible plans. That’s where comes in.

E-commerce businesses opening an internet merchant account with will immediately recognize our knowledgeable, top-rated customer service team and quick and easy application process. Other benefits of our internet merchant accounts include:

Reliable internet merchant account processing is vital to e-commerce business success.’s trusted services ensure internet merchants that they are receiving the best internet merchant account plans based on their business needs. Compare internet merchant accounts with our competitors to better understand the advantages of our internet merchant services. Want competitive rates, customized plans, and excellent customer service? Get an internet merchant account from

How to Apply for an Internet Merchant Account

The internet merchant account application process at is fast and easy! Internet merchants must first contact by calling us toll-free at 800-357-0001. Internet businesses can also fill out a contact form and one of our experienced team members will respond quickly.

While speaking with a representative from our experienced team, internet merchants will answer questions regarding their businesses’ credit history, monthly processing volume, and policies. Our in-house, expert underwriting team will then work diligently to get their internet merchant accounts approved within 24-48 hours. It’s that simple.

Are E-commerce Retailers “High Risk”?

Many internet merchants don’t realize that traditional merchant credit card processing banks may consider their businesses to be “high risk”. These banks recognize the high risk characteristics of e-commerce businesses, and therefore may deny traditional merchant accounts to internet merchants.

Common High Risk Characteristics of Internet Merchants
An important fundamental characteristic of internet merchant businesses is that, unlike merchants with a ‘brick-and-mortar’ physical storefront or even MOTO retailers, internet merchants cannot physically validate their customers’ identification.  This puts them at a higher risk for customer fraud or even customer chargebacks where merchandise is not returned.

Following is a list of some of the business characteristics or practices that may cause an internet merchant to be classified as a high risk merchant:

  • Internet merchant customers aren’t present to sign credit card receipts (card not present transaction). Therefore, there is a higher risk of credit card fraud.
  • Internet businesses that process a high volume of credit card transactions. (Over $25,000 a month.)
  • E-commerce merchants that sell to international customers, and therefore require multicurrency processing
  • Online businesses that offer free trials followed by a recurring monthly payment. This revenue model is considered high risk by banks, as many subscribers will cancel their subscriptions following free trial periods or demand refunds. specializes in high risk merchant services for internet merchants, including internet merchant accounts and website compliance consultations. Stop dealing with traditional banks and contact’s expert team at 800-357-0001 for fast internet merchant account approval!

Internet Merchant Account Characteristics

All internet merchant accounts are capable of accepting credit cards over the Internet thanks to shopping cart software and payment gateways. Shopping cart software allows online retail customers to select products for eventual purchase, even allowing customers to accumulate multiple items prior to checkout. Payment gateways are e-commerce application service provider (ASP) services that authorize credit card transactions for internet retailers. Both shopping cart software and payment gateways are essential for internet merchants to conduct business.

Shopping Cart Software

Shopping cart and internet storefront software systems are a vital component of the e-commerce experience. is familiar with more than 250 e-commerce shopping cart and storefront software systems that are compatible with the e-processors. Internet merchants can consult with to find the best software to present and cart their catalog of goods and/or services.

Internet merchants with specific e-commerce needs should consult with’s expert team. has strong relationships with the best payment gateway and shopping cart software providers.

Internet Merchant Payment Gateway Bundles bundles payment gateways into its internet merchant accounts to facilitate the implementation of virtual terminals, batch upload and processing, recurring billing and data encryption.  We work with reputed payment gateways such as, Network Merchants Inc. (NMI), Plug N Pay, LinkPoint, YourPay and Versatile Pay that provide features such as Address Verification System (AVS) and PIN-based transactions.

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