Industries We Serve

Your business may be operating in a high demand industry that has been categorized as a high risk merchant processing business. exists for specialized businesses like yours in need of high risk merchant accounts. We solve credit card processing needs for merchants that have been categorized as high risk merchants due to high chargebacks, terminated merchant accounts, or business downturns.

If your business falls into one of several identified industries your company may have been classified as a high risk merchant. Many companies with a high risk merchant classification are forced to obtain merchant processing via offshore or shared hosting accounts. In fact, many e-commerce and online merchants are termed high risk by processors, even though their traditional merchant operations are not high risk.’s payment systems accept all major credit cards, as well as offer multicurrency options, making your service both secure and appealing to customers. While banks are hesitant to offer services to high risk merchants, we are pleased to offer free rate quotes and state-of-the-art point-of-sale equipment to merchants in all high risk industries.

So whether you are a high risk merchant in Atlanta or Miami, your merchant account was terminated in Knoxville or your Louisville stores have higher chargebacks, call today at 800-357-0001.

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