High Risk Merchants With Terminated Accounts

At MerchantWorthy.com, we offer a range of merchant account services for high risk merchants. Merchant processors consider merchants “high risk” when they have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Low credit scores or high levels of financial risk
  • A large number of chargebacks or significant increases in the number of chargebacks over time
  • Rejection or denial of a previous merchant application by a credit card processor
  • Businesses engaged in high risk industries such as adult entertainment, furniture, cigarette or online pharmacies
  • Start-up and Internet merchants and e-commerce merchants using shopping cart software

A high number of merchant chargebacks is the number one reason we find why a merchant’s account will be terminated or classified as high risk. Chargebacks can severely hurt the solvency and long-term success of an online business with reversed charges and penalty fines levied by the bank. To reduce the risk of escalating chargebacks penalties, high risk merchants can apply for chargeback insurance with MerchantWorthy.com. Merchants who are approved for chargeback insurance and accept this program do so with the understanding that any money refunded to the customer will not be taken from the merchant’s account and instead will be covered by the merchant processor.

Website compliance issues are often the second most likely reason for having your merchant account rejected. To ensure full website compliance, MerchantWorthy.com offers a free merchant website compliance review for merchants. As a part of the free compliance review, we review your refund policies, website terms and conditions, customer support information and policies, and privacy policies. This free compliance review is available to high risk merchants and Internet e-commerce merchants in the United States.

If your business was recently classified as “high risk” and/or your merchant application was rejected by a merchant processor, MerchantWorthy.com can help you open a high risk merchant processing account. We provide e-commerce and Internet merchant account services both overseas and in the United States where some of our target states include New York, California, Florida, Arizona,Georgia and Alabama. In as little as 24 hours from documentation, MerchantWorthy.com can activate your high risk credit card processer account with features including risk adjusted rate pricing, chargeback insurance and same day funding.

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