Internet Merchant Accounts

Internet Credit Card Processing

E-commerce merchants, get a reliable credit card processing account with free virtual terminal service and merchant accounts for online retailers in need of credit card processing accounts. Same day activation for qualified merchants!

No matter what states you conduct business in, an e-commerce merchant account is required to process credit cards online. At, we offer a variety of e-commerce merchant account services for Internet and online retailers. All e-commerce accounts include low online credit card processing rates with no downgrades and same day funding for credit card transactions.

For virtual merchant account support, accounts integrate with a wide range of web payment gateways and over 200 online shopping cart systems. Our e-commerce merchants can also apply for chargeback insurance. Merchants with chargeback insurance pay a small premium on their discount rate to ensure that the merchant processor pays the money back to the consumer, instead of from the merchant’s account.

Our e-commerce merchant accounts also offer recurring billing options for merchants with subscription-based business models. Recurring billing services improve billing efficiency by reducing authorization declines and administrative costs associated with manual billing. accounts are also SSL secured to ensure continued security and to protect customer credit card data.

We provide e-commerce and Internet merchant account services in the US and overseas. In the US, some of our target high risk merchant states include New York, California, Florida, Nevada, Georgia, Alabama and Illinois.

Online merchants interested in applying for a reliable e-commerce merchant account can call 800-357-0001. In many cases, same day activation is available for qualified merchants. Regardless of your merchant history, our in-house underwriting team can provide a “yes” or “no” answer within 24-48 hours of receiving your e-commerce merchant application and supporting documents.


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