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Call MerchantWorthy.com today for reliable high risk and Internet Merchant accounts. Get chargeback insurance and guaranteed low rates on high risk credit card processing! MerchantWorthy.com is headquartered in South Florida and provides merchant account services across the United States including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, New York, California, Illinois and Arizona. No matter in what state(s) you require merchant credit card processing services, use the Contact Us form to the right or call us directly at 800-357-0001 to apply for a MerchantWorthy.com merchant account.

MerchantWorthy.com provides a full range of merchant processing services no matter where you do business in the United States or overseas. For high risk merchants, our credit card processing services include features like chargeback insurance, risk adjusted pricing and same day funding. For e-commerce merchants and Internet merchants, our online credit card processing services feature low credit card processing rates with no downgrades, shopping cart systems integration and recurring billing options. For merchant processing services from Florida to Massachusetts, New York or New Jersey to Arizona and California, MerchantWorthy.com offers 24 hour merchant account activation.

At MerchantWorthy.com, we know that high risk merchants are most likely to be rejected by merchant processors for having a large number of chargebacks, so our risk merchant accounts can include chargeback insurance. Merchant processors also reject or terminate merchant accounts if the merchant has tax liens, website compliance issues, offshore business activities or if the merchant does business in high risk industries. Businesses designated as “high risk” include adult entertainment, gambling, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, debt collection and telemarketing.

For high risk merchants who require immediate merchant account support, MerchantWorthy also offers emergency merchant account activation. We have our own in-house underwriters and can have your merchant account processing within 24 hours of receiving the necessary documentation. If you are having difficulties getting approved for a merchant account and need merchant credit card processing NOW, MerchantWorthy provides reliable payment processing solutions for your business.

MerchantWorthy understands that Internet merchants require fast, reliable online merchant account services with low rates on credit card processing and same day funding. E-commerce merchants also can take advantage of MerchantWorthy’s SSL security, recurring billing options and no volume limits on transactions. For virtual terminal support, MerchantWorthy accounts integrate with multiple shopping cart systems and merchant payment gateways.

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