How A High Risk Merchant Account Can Help Your Business

Does your business need a high risk merchant account? If so, the following video,“How A High Risk Merchant Account Can Help Your Business” demonstrates how’s high risk merchant account services can get your business up and running with high risk credit card processing.

  1. provides high risk merchant services to businesses that have been deemed “high risk” and are unable to work with tradition merchant banks.
  2.’s high risk merchant accounts offer credit card processing to businesses that have had their merchant account terminated.
  3. works with high risk businesses from all high risk industries, so if you need high risk merchant services, has a solution for you!

Why Businesses Are Categorized as High Risk

High risk merchant accounts provide credit card processing solutions to businesses that have been categorized as high risk and are unable to secure a merchant account from tradition merchant processors. High risk merchant accounts are usually the only viable option for high risk credit card processing, as traditional merchant banks are unwilling to work with high risk businesses. For businesses that rely on credit card sales, finding an immediate high risk credit card processing solutions is critical.

When an internet merchant is deemed to be high risk, their merchant account is often terminated by their merchant processor. Merchant account termination most commonly occurs due to high charge backs; however, there are a number of other reasons that may cause high risk categorization and result in a business’ merchant account being terminated, such as:

  • Credit (or debt) card fraud conviction
  • Suspicion of fraudulent business activity
  • Deposits for transactions involving charge sales generated by another merchant
  • Excessive amount of deposits for unauthorized transactions.

Another major factor that results in high risk categorization is operating in a high risk industry. Traditional Merchant Processors consider number merchant industries to be high risk by default. These industries include tobacco, adult, nutraceutical and many more. In these cases, no matter how successful a business is, it will still be considered ‘high risk’.

How’s High Risk Merchant Services Can Help Your Business

Whether a company has been categorized as a high risk merchant due to merchant account termination, operating in a high risk industry or another reason like poor credit scores, high risk merchants are ultimately forced to find an alternative for their credit card processing services.

Fortunately, offers high risk merchant accounts to businesses that are ineligible for merchant processing services from standard merchant banks. Our high risk merchant services provide credit card processing specifically for high risk businesses. Additionally, our high risk merchant accounts are offered to merchants with business operations in the US and overseas, including businesses which accept multiple currencies. Extra benefits of high risk merchant accounts include:

  • Free online high risk merchant account rate quote
  • We use an in-house underwriting team for immediate approval
  • Direct funding
  • No limits on account size – we welcome start-ups
  • Account processing monthly minimum = $10
  • Access to sophisticated terminals, wireless devices, PIN-pads and point-of-sale software

The process for opening a high risk merchant account is fast and reliable, allowing you to get your business back up within 48-72 hours. So if you’re a high risk merchant in need of a customized high risk merchant solution, contact and we help you get your business back on its feet!

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