High Risk Merchant Benefits

How It Works

MerchantWorthy.com is different.

Need high risk merchant accounts fast? With our unique instant Free Rate Quote, we have sped up and simplified the process of obtaining more critical merchant account information via the Web. Did we say “anonymously”? Unlike every one of our competitors in the merchant service provider business, you will not need to give up your telephone number or email address in order to get a very good idea of what rates your business might be charged. Simple. The more accurate your online answers, the more exact will be the rate range you will be quoted and an application customized for your needs will be generated. And when you send us your current merchant statement, we will be able to precisely calculate your qualified rate quote guaranteed for 60 days. And when it comes to the time it takes to approve your merchant account, we are an industry leader. 24 hour to 48 hour approval times for credit and debit card processing accounts are the norm.

Today’s Sales Are Tomorrow’s Cash!

But getting you back to business with the lowest possible rate charges is not enough for us.   With our 12-hour funding, you go to work knowing that your money is landing in your bank account faster than ever before! Think about thattoday’s sales are tomorrows cash! How many merchant service providers can do that for you? At no charge?

Once you join the MerchantWorthy.com merchant network, you get our FREE 30 day compliance review to determine that every service you requested is in place and operating exactly the way you want.  Then every 90 days after your accounts goes live, we conduct an automatic rate review with the goal of reducing your effective rate without you even asking! No one does that except MerchantWorthy.com, so why not give us a chance to earn your business?

MerchantWorthy.com is dedicated to building long-term relationships with merchants. The longer we are in business together, the lower are our costs and the lower will be the rates in your account (assuming interchange rates and costs don’t rise).   Why not challenge your rates compared to MerchantWorthy.com and then contact us with the information that will let us contact you the way you prefer.

Here are the Steps:

  1. We help you to determine your companys Business Profile online with no obligation
  2. Only we give an online Free Rate Quote estimate – no unwanted email or phone calls
  3. If you send a recent merchant statement to MerchantWorthy.com we’ll give you a quote guaranteed for 60 days
  4. Get a confirmed and guaranteed rate quote from MerchantWorthy.com and complete the merchant account application
  5. Get approval from MerchantWorthy.com to open your merchant account and accept customer payments
  6. Automatic 30 day FREE compliance review
  7. Automatic rate reviews every 90 days, each one with the goal of reducing your rates

Next Step:

Call us at 800-357-0001 or fill out the contact us form and we’ll respond within minutes!

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