Merchant High Chargebacks

Many of our customers contact us because their merchant account has been terminated by their current processor or acquiring bank. And nearly all of them cite high chargebacks or an increase in customer returns leading to chargebacks or online fraudulent transactions on their web sites as the main reason for merchant account termination. Less often it is a change in the processor policy toward chargebacks or concern that fraudulent activity is increasing that causes a merchant account termination. At, we have noticed that the single greatest cause for merchant account termination appears to be an excessive number of merchant transaction chargebacks.

Terminated for High Chargebacks? Next Steps

What do you do if your merchant account has been terminated? You do at least two things. First, you get a completed merchant account application and all the supporting information to us FAST! We will even help you to complete the application if necessary. We will submit your merchant account application as soon as it is complete and monitor its progress through the approval process. You are trying to find fast merchant account approval so you can get a new merchant account and we are here to help you do just that!

And second, call your processor immediately and find out why your account was terminated. And make sure that you are polite and courteous to both your current acquiring bank and processor. Why? Because the acquiring bank or processor is the one who has reported you to the MATCH list (used to be called Terminated Merchant File or “TMF”) and the only one who can get your business name and principals’ names off that list. Personal recriminations or angry outbursts, while understandable under the circumstances, will not help your cause at all and may harm the relationship beyond repair. You are going to need to work with these folks in the future and a professional and courteous approach is a good idea.

High Risk Merchant Consulting Services

Join us in our high risk merchant walk-in showroom at our Pompano Beach, Florida address or call us at any time at 800-357-0001 and we will be happy to work with you to get your merchant application processed. You can receive your merchant account approval as quickly as 24 hours from your application submission! We offer one-to-one merchant consulting services about high risk credit card processing and other topics such as e-commerce software and payment gateway processing.

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