High Risk Merchant Resource Center

High risk merchant account terminated because of excessive chargebacks? Are you shopping around for a better deal on a risk merchant account? Whichever the case, MerchantWorthy.com is looking to bring its unique high risk account application, approval and consulting services to help get your risk merchant account in operation. Our high risk merchant showroom is available for risk merchant advisory services and account applications throughout the day and on evenings or Saturdays by appointment. If you are looking for high risk merchant account information, call us at 800-357-0001.

And remember, at MerchantWorthy.com, we have in-house underwriting and we are the sole funding source – there are no “chains of finders” in our merchant account approval and launch process. MerchantWorthy.com – NO middlemen!

The Number of Merchant Chargebacks is Important

In most high risk accounts or merchant account terminations, our merchant account underwriting team finds that high merchant chargebacks is the underlying cause. Essentially, a merchant chargeback is when a customer returns or disputes a merchandise or service charge, leading to a charge by the credit card processor to your merchant account reducing the account by the amount of the purchase plus a chargeback fee! The higher the number of chargebacks, the more likely you are to find your merchant account classified as high risk.

Risk Merchant Account Application & Underwriting

MerchantWorthy.com is able to get a completed risk merchant account application together with supporting documents through the approval process within 24 hours of submission in almost every case with its in-house underwriting team and because it is the sole funding source for high risk and internet merchants. Our approval rate is excellent! So contact us immediately to get your completed merchant account application in front of our high risk merchant processors. And remember that reliable high risk merchant processors are the key to the stability of your business.

International Merchant Account

If you are a US merchant doing business overseas or a merchant looking to do business into the United States and need an international merchant account, MerchantWorthy.com will help you to open your offshore merchant account. To keep things simple and convenient for you, we are always available for one-on-one risk merchant telephone or in-office sessions to go over any aspect of the high risk merchant application, approval process or risk account characteristics.

MerchantWorthy.com will help you to open an International merchant account, including merchant accounts accepting multi-currency payments and completing customer transactions in multiple currencies.

High Risk Merchant Reserves

For merchant businesses that are new to the high risk merchant category, the merchant reserve is a cash amount held back from the available post-clearing funds in your merchant account. The high risk merchant reserve generally ranges between 5% and 10% of each merchant’s approved volume or monthly sales volume. Reserve amounts are held by the merchant processor to ensure against losses due to uncollected fees, merchant fines, excessive chargebacks, etc.

Merchant reserves can be held for a minimum of 180 days under a rolling reserve feature of the high risk merchant account. If you want to know more about risk merchant reserves and credit card processing accounts, please contact us or visit our high risk merchant showroom in Pompano, Florida.

Merchant Account Equipment

If your business needs new credit card processing equipment or you would like to find out more about the virtual payment gateways favored by high risk merchants, we can help you to find what you need. We offer on-site merchant equipment demonstrations in our walk-in risk merchant showroom and telephone tutorials and guides on how to set up and operate your merchant account’s virtual payment terminal software.

Free Merchant Web Site Compliance Review

From our Florida headquarters, MerchantWorthy.com offers FREE merchant web site compliance reviews and advisory services to merchants anywhere in the US. Simply contact us and we will perform a FREE merchant website compliance review once you have given us your website and contact information. No hard sell, no strings attached. You contact us and we’ll help you out – you do not have to apply for a merchant account with us in order to get this review. Call us at 800-357-0001 to set up an appointment during the business day, in the evenings or on Saturdays.

High Risk Merchant Markets

Even though MerchantWorthy.com is located in South Florida, we provide high risk merchant consulting services anywhere in the United States or in countries looking to open merchant accounts in the United States. Call us at 800-357-0001 to find out how we can help your business survive merchant account, risk merchant acquiring bank failure or the commonplace high chargeback problem. Or visit our High Risk Merchant FAQ to find out more.

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