Ticket Broker Merchant Account

A ticket broker merchant account from MerchantWorthy.com offers high risk credit processing solutions to ticket brokers. The MerchantWorthy.com approach to online and e-commerce payments is ideal for high risk industries such as ticket brokers that may be facing high chargebacks or terminated accounts. We provide Internet merchant processing support for merchants who sell in-demand products that are traditionally categorized as high risk.  In a risk merchant industry as high-volume as ticketing, a cost-effective system is imperative.

Most ticket brokers and distributors operate their businesses solely through e-commerce. In addition to offering solutions for brick-and-mortar stores, we provide internet credit card processing, shopping cart software, and fast account approval for online retailers. As a ticket broker, your site gives customers exclusive access to concerts, games, and more.

MerchantWorthy.com offers highly competitive merchant reserve percentages so, as a reseller, you will see even more of the final ticket cost. Our online payment system works to your advantage, offering an online gateway and virtual terminals for your account. We also offer hands-on demonstrations of our credit card processing equipment and e-commerce shopping cart systems.

Set yourself apart from the truly high risk, fraudulent ticket resellers plaguing the industry. MerchantWorthy.com’s payment systems accept all major credit cards, as well as offer multicurrency options, making your service both secure and appealing to customers.  While banks are hesitant to offer services to high risk merchants, we are pleased to offer free rate quotes and state-of-the-art point-of-sale equipment to ticket brokers, distributors, and resellers.

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