Telemarketing Merchant Account

A telemarketing merchant account from provides credit processing solutions to telemarketing companies that have been categorized as high risk. Telemarketing is a multibillion-dollar industry that is often categorized as high-risk by banks and credit providers. Regardless of whether a merchant operates as a in-bound or out-bound call center, telemarketing merchants understand the importance of being able to accept and process credit card purchases. When a telemarketing merchant is categorized as high-risk that merchant is often denied necessary services like loans and credit card processing equipment. Without this equipment and funding, facilitating telemarketing transactions is nearly impossible.

At, we understand that receiving credit card information over the phone (as opposed to through a swipe) exposes both telemarketing merchants and their customers to risks. Unsuccessful transactions and high chargeback rates are often reason why telemarketing businesses are classified as high-risk. At, we provide high-risk businesses with credit card processing services, merchant cash advances, online payment assistance, and more. Many high-risk merchant processors shut down merchants immediately for extraneous factors. However always goes the extra mile to make sure our clients continue to be able to process credit card transactions without any issues.

Our online gateway and virtual terminals allow your telemarketing service to accept all major credit cards with minimal risk. We also offer hands-on demonstrations of our credit card processing equipment. Even with a high-risk status, can assist telemarketers in spreading information, products, and building sales for your business.

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