Online Travel & Vacation Merchant Account offers online travel merchant accounts to travel agencies and other high risk e-commerce businesses that may have had high chargebacks or merchant account termination. As an online travel agency providing travel and vacation services, you are servicing customers in one of many high risk industries. Your status as a high risk business often deters banks from providing you loans, merchant processing services, and more.

We solve credit card processing needs for merchants offering great products and services that have been categorized for risk merchant processing purposes. This means that not only will your customers will have a secure means to pay by credit card, but can provide chargeback insurance on their transactions. Chargebacks, which occur when a customer returns or disputes a merchandise or service charge, leads to a charge by the credit card processor to your merchant account. In an industry where nearly all transactions take place online—few customers pay cash for travel arrangements—a secure, reliable payment process is imperative.

Today more than 50 percent of travel arrangements are made online, many through online travel agencies. Our online payment system offers an online gateway and virtual terminals for your account, allowing your agency to accept all major credit cards. Before pursuing a credit card processing service through, we recommend taking our survey to receive an instant online merchant quote for your agency.

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