Loan Modification Merchant Account

Loan modification merchant accounts allow loan modification businesses to process credit card transactions. Like many services, loan modification providers are categorized as high risk merchants.  As a business offering loan modifications to those facing financial hardships, working in a high risk industry may inhibit your ability to receive merchant processing services from banks. At, we specialize in providing these services to high risk businesses.  In an industry where much business is conducted online, a secure credit card interface is necessary. Not only can we assist you in your risk merchant processing, but we can provide merchant cash advance opportunities (a sale of your future credit card receivables at a discount). A viable option for small businesses or those with credit card challenges, there are no interest rates or restrictions on the uses for your merchant cash funding.

Our system offers an online gateway and virtual terminals for your account, allowing you to accept all major credit cards.  We also offer hands-on demonstrations of our credit card processing equipment. For loan modification providers categorized as high risk, can help you find cost effective solutions to chargebacks, credit card processing, and more.

Whether reducing a client’s interest rate or offering an extension in payment dates, your loan modification service will be more secure with a credit card processor. We provide chargeback insurance, a comforting necessity for e-commerce transactions.

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