Herbal Merchant Account

If your herbal merchant account has been terminated, rejected or denied by your merchant account provider, MerchantWorthy.com can quickly get you up and running with high risk merchant accounts.  We know that the herbal industry’s high risk category has made it all but impossible to do business through traditional banks. MerchantWorthy.com is also aware that a high risk merchant classification means you are often turned down for important business expenses such as equipment and loans.

The herbal merchant industry is a relatively new but growing industry. In fact, as more people are looking for new ways to stay healthy, those who operate herbal businesses are starting to see their full potential. However, the herbal sector is seen by many as an “alternative” industry, and is therefore labeled as a high risk merchant business. This risk is driven even higher by the fact that the herbal industry is unregulated, and merchants often operate offshore through websites. For these reasons, herbal industry merchants may have high chargebacks, causing these companies to lose their merchant accounts.

Whatever your current situation, MerchantWorthy.com can help. If you are an herbal merchant in need of an international merchant account, we will quickly help you open an offshore merchant account. Plus, our payment gateway and virtual terminal give you a secure and reliable environment for merchants to process payments. MerchantWorthy.com also offers emergency merchant account activation. Our in-house underwriters can have your account processed within 24 to 48 hours after receiving documentation over the phone. Call MerchantWorthy.com today at 800-357-0001 for a free quote. We can have your business up and running in no time!

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