Flash Sales and Discounters Merchant Account

A flash sales and discount retailer merchant account from MerchantWorthy.com will solve all of your high risk credit card processing needs. As a flash sales and discount retailer, you are operating in a fast growing industry that has been categorized as a high risk merchant processing business. MerchantWorthy.com exists for high volume, specialized businesses in all risk industries in need of risk merchant accounts.  If your business has been categorized as high risk due to high chargebacks, terminated merchant accounts, or business downturns, we can help solve your merchant processing needs.

Flash sales and discount sites have experienced explosive growth in recent years. With this growth, though, online merchants have seen an increase in chargebacks. Chargebacks, which occur when a customer returns or disputes a merchandise or service charge, leads to a charge by the credit card processor to your merchant account. As chargebacks accrue, your business is more likely to be categorized as high risk. As a flash sales merchant in this category, banks often deny services like loans and credit card processing. At MerchantWorthy.com, we’re happy to provide these services.

Our Merchant Cash Advances allows you to sell a specific amount of your site’s credit card sales to receive payment now. This service is not a loan; rather, it is the sale of your credit card receivables. Unlike loans, MerchantWorthy.com does not limit how you may use these funds. As a discount sales site, you may use this funding to build your product inventory, advertise, and more.

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