E-commerce Merchant Account

E-commerce merchant accounts from MerchantWorthy.com allow e-commerce businesses to process credit card transactions online. MerchantWorthy.com specializes in internet merchant processing and offers high risk merchant accounts, chargeback insurance, international merchant offshore accounts, risk-adjusted pricing, and guaranteed low rates with no downgrades. MerchantWorthy.com also assists online businesses by providing a virtual terminal or payment gateway that accepts all credit cards in real time. Additionally, MerchantWorthy.com offers services such as loans, cash advances, online payment assistance, and emergency services that are critical to the success of your virtual merchant company.

The statistics for internet businesses are staggering. Online shopping has grown from 72 billion US dollars in 2002 to 228 billion in 2010.  This number is expected to grow to 269 billion dollars by 2015. It’s a booming industry but if you are a online business, you know that finding a high risk merchant account can be extremely challenging. Even if your online business has a stellar reputation, you may be classified as a high risk merchant based on high sales volumes, high chargeback rates, and the risk of fraud.

Give your customers the seamless, safe, and convenient experience they want when buying online products and services. Call 800-357-0001 and MerchantWorthy.com will walk you through each step, and explain every option. With an MerchantWorthy.com internet merchant account, you can keep chargebacks down while boosting your sales. In a world where customer service is essential to success, MerchantWorthy.com’s products will keep both you and your customers satisfied and secure.

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