E-Cigarette Merchant Account

An e-cigarette merchant account from MerchantWorthy.com offers credit processing solutions to e-cigarette merchants that have been categorized as high risk due to high chargebacks, terminated merchant accounts, or business downturns. As an e-cigarette merchant, you are operating in a high demand industry that has been categorized as a high risk merchant processing business. MerchantWorthy.com exists for specialized businesses like yours in need of high risk merchant accounts.

MerchantWorthy.com’s cost-effective systems allow e-cigarette merchants to accept all major credit cards. While banks are hesitant to offer services to high risk merchants, we are pleased to offer free rate quotes and the best point-of-sale equipment. While e-cigarettes merchants’ high risk status is beyond its control, MerchantWorthy.com can help give your service the same opportunities as other merchants in a cost effective way.

The e-cigarette industry is booming. Thousands of smokers have used e-cigarettes as a tobacco-free alternative to their habit, with vapor technologies used to reduce cravings. As customers convert to e-cigarettes daily in the United States and beyond, our multi-currency settlement options enable international sales.

Internet merchants have found that a robust online sales component is the best venue to reach this growing audience. With varying flavors, vapor kits, and price points, e-cigarettes are a specialty product best served by e-commerce. Our online payment solution works in your benefit, offering an online gateway and virtual terminals for your account. We also offer hands-on demonstrations of our credit card processing for both internet merchants and swipe operations for in-person transactions.

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