Dating Site Merchant Account’s dating site merchant accounts are ideal for high risk online and e-commerce merchants such as online dating services. We solve high risk credit card processing needs for online dating merchants that offer great services. Dating sites are categorized as high risk due to high chargebacks, terminated merchant accounts, or business downturns.

In the last ten years the popularity of online dating services has skyrocketed. This $2.1 billion online dating business offers enormous potential but retains its high risk status, making e-commerce nearly impossible through traditional bank services.

Merchant chargebacks occur when a customer returns or disputes a merchandise or service charge, leading to a charge by the credit card processor to your merchant account; the higher the number of chargebacks, the more likely you are to be considered high risk. Online dating websites are susceptible to these charges, making a secure e-commerce service even more important.

For high risk online merchants, we provide a secure means for customers to pay via credit card.  Our online payment system offers an online gateway and virtual terminals for your account. We also offer hands-on demonstrations of our credit card processing equipment. Through, dating sites have the option to accept payment from all major credit cards, as well as multicurrency financing options. offers financing options for dating sites and other high risk web businesses.

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