Audio Text Merchant Account

An audio text merchant account can help your business find cost effective solutions to high chargebacks, high risk merchant processing, and more. Audio text service providers are categorized as high risk merchants, a title which affects businesses across many risk merchant industries. offers an online gateway and virtual merchant terminals for your account, allowing you to accept all major credit cards.

Your high risk status as an audio text provider may inhibit your ability to receive credit card processing, loans, and other key business development services from banks. In an industry where nearly all transactions are conducted online and client needs vary, an alternative to these services is necessary.

At, we provide high risk businesses with credit card processing services, cash advances, online payment assistance, and more. Our Merchant Cash Advances allows audio text providers to sell a specific amount of their site’s credit card sales to receive payment now. This service is not a loan; rather, it is the sale of future credit card receivables. does not place restrictions on the use of these funds. As a provider of audio text services, you may use this funding to invest in technology, advertise, and more.

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