Free Rate Quote for High Risk Merchant Programs

High risk merchants who provide information on their business’ policies, credit history, or industry are able to get an instant, accurate rate quote for our high risk merchant account programs thanks to the free rate quote calculator from!   View our high risk merchant program rates by using our instant rate quote calculator.

Internet and E-Commerce Merchant Account Comparison Tools offers free online rate quotes for our internet merchant account programs and other merchant services such as high risk merchant accounts, offshore merchant accounts, or high risk merchant cash advances. We also provide a selection of account comparison tools for e-commerce businesses to compare internet merchant accounts – at no cost! Get an accurate high risk merchant program rate quote or simply learn more about the benefits of our credit card processing services compared to our competitors.

Risk merchants or e-commerce merchants interested in any of our high risk merchant programs can use our rate quote calculator anonymously. does not require any contact information, and therefore, we will not send spam to high risk merchants who have used the high risk merchant program rate quote calculator. However, high risk merchants with additional questions regarding our programs or rates can contact’s experienced team by calling toll-free at 1-800-357-0001.

High Risk Merchant Program Rate Calculator

No need to provide us with any email or telephone information – just answer nine (9) questions on our High Risk Merchant Account Rate Quote Calculator and we’ll instantly calculate your rate quote free of charge!

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