High Risk Merchant Account Rates

High risk merchants in need of a high risk credit card processing account can use our high risk merchant account rate quote calculator at no charge.  Furthermore, if you are (a) a high risk merchant or (b) in the e-commerce business and need an internet merchant account rate quote or (c) are tired of rate calculators that require you to give an email address and telephone number, you can get high risk merchant account rates using the free rate quote calculator from MerchantWorthy.com!

Merchant Account Feature Comparison Tools

If you are having trouble getting a valid high risk merchant account rate quote or simply want to find out more about credit card processing rates for high risk merchants, use the free merchant rate quote calculator as a tool to compare high risk merchant account rates or other handy merchant rate comparison tools that we provide at no cost to you.  If you need to be able to answer the question “what are the merchant processing rates for high risk merchant accounts?”  without giving away your contact information, join the thousands of high risk merchants who have used the MerchantWorthy.com free rate quote calculator.

High Risk Merchant Rate Quote Calculator

MerchantWorthy.com provides instant, free rate quotes for businesses of all risk levels. Internet merchants and other companies who have received a terminated merchant account letter (also called a TMF letter for “terminated merchant file”) simply answer nine (9) multiple choice questions regarding items such as their

a.    merchant credit card processing history,
b.    how long they have been active in their industry,
c.    their merchandise return policy; and
d.    their average monthly processing volume

in order to be provided with an accurate high risk merchant account rate quote.
High risk merchants who are ‘doing their homework’ on merchant services provided by high risk merchant account providers prefer using our risk merchant account rate quote calculator because we don’t require any contact information – therefore, they receive an anonymous merchant rate quote range if they choose!

High Risk Merchant Account Rate Calculator

Simply answer the questions on our Merchant Account Rate Calculator to get your free rate quote – no email or telephone number required!

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