Free Rate Quote for Risk Merchants

Risk Merchants: Receive Your Instant Free Rate Quote Right NOW! provides an instant free rate quote for high risk merchant industries or business at any or ALL risk levels. From high risk merchants who are studying the marketplace for more competitive rates, to businesses looking to accept credit cards for the first-time, calculates a qualified rate range based on your answers.

We also provide additional information for risk merchants that want to compare our high risk merchant account rates or rates for our other high risk merchant programs.

Upon completion, you will receive a FRQ Custom Quote Number which will be your Reference Number going forward.

Instant free risk merchant rate quote calculator

Answer questions below to see your results without providing your email or telephone number – the world’s only online instant merchant rate quote!

  1. Does your business currently accept credit cards?
  2. How many years in business?
  3. Primary method for accepting credit cards
  4. Select industry that best describes your business
  5. What is your average charge per transaction?
  6. What is your average monthly processing volume?
  7. Tell us about your return policy
  8. Time frame for providing your product or service?
  9. Merchant account history

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