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High risk merchant accounts provide credit card processing solutions to high risk merchants.™ offers high risk merchant account services to high risk businesses as well as internet merchants.

Why Merchant Worthy? clients can get high risk merchant accounts with free activation

"When our conventional credit card processor closed our e-commerce account and we were turned down everywhere else, it looked certain that we were going to lose the business that supported my family and our way of life. But we contacted Merchant Worthy and they walked us through not only what happened but why it happened. They helped us to upgrade our compliance, smoothed out a couple wrinkles and then placed us with a new credit card processor that totally supports our e-commerce business. Three years later our revenue has grown 5X, thanks to the Merchant Worthy team!"

High Risk Merchant Services

High risk merchants open high risk merchant accounts as a viable credit card processing solution. is a leading high risk merchant account provider, offering high risk merchant processing and credit card processing services to businesses that have been categorized as high risk merchants. High risk businesses are classified as “high risk” for various reasons such as high merchant chargebacks or bad business credit, resulting in a terminated merchant account from their current credit card processor.

A full range of high risk merchant processing services are provided by Terminated merchants can open a high risk merchant account with ease thanks to our expert merchant processing services. Risk merchants are also able view our high risk merchant account glossary for additional information on high risk merchant accounts, risk merchant account reserve requirements, high risk payment gateways, merchant account terms and conditions and much more!

High Risk Merchant Account

A high risk merchant account from is a proven solution for high risk merchants looking for quick, reliable merchant processing. provides high risk merchant accounts to businesses throughout the United States and abroad. Compared to other high risk merchant account processors, a high risk merchant account from offers competitive rates, direct funding, as well as PIN-based transactions to help reduce client risk. Plus, our expert underwriters work around the clock to ensure that our clients get immediate merchant account approval, typically with 24-48 hours.

Interested in a high risk merchant account from We’re so confident in our rates compared to the competition that we offer free rate quotes for high risk merchant accounts. Additionally, we provide industry-specific high risk merchant processing solutions, such as tech support merchant accounts for tech support service companies.

Internet Merchant Processing

Internet merchants, also known as e-commerce merchants, are online businesses that accept online debit or credit card payments using shopping cart software and payment gateways. Internet merchants in need of e-commerce merchant services can turn to offers e-commerce merchants top rated internet merchant services such as internet merchant accounts or shopping cart software. We even provide FREE merchant website compliance reviews to all internet merchants, without having to apply for a merchant account. No strings attached, no hard sell.

Internet Merchant Accounts

Internet merchant accounts are offered from Internet merchants or new e-commerce businesses in need of reliable internet merchant processing services can look no further. internet merchant accounts offer a full range of services to e-commerce merchants looking for top quality merchant accounts at competitive rates.

E-commerce solutions are also available at including shopping cart software or bundled payment gateways for our internet merchant accounts. Our expert team is familiar with hundreds of e-commerce shopping cart software systems and the shopping cart software systems we recommended will vary based on your needs.

Merchant Processing Services for High Risk Businesses or Internet Merchants provides the following merchant processing services:

  • High risk merchant accounts and risk merchant processing services
  • Fast merchant account approval for merchants with terminated accounts
  • Internet merchant accounts
  • Instant merchant account quotes
  • Domestic or international merchant offshore accounts
  • Merchant account solutions for bad credit businesses
  • serves a number of high risk merchant industries including Online Pharmacies, Ticket Brokers, and Adult Merchants concentrates on solving the credit card processing complexities for those merchants who find themselves in the high risk category, either because of the industry they are in, current financial challenges or for reasons that are often unfair to the merchant.

Need a high risk merchant account or an internet merchant account? Please contact from anywhere in the United States for great service, or stop in to our convenient Pompano Beach, Florida showroom for a hands-on demonstration of credit card processing equipment, your virtual terminal or the shopping cart software you need at a price level that meets your budget.

Offshore Merchant Accounts

Offshore merchant account processing from – a reliable offshore merchant processing platform for your business! Offshore merchant accounts help merchant businesses reduce their tax liabilities because they are tax-free accounts. Offshore accounts give domestic or foreign merchants the ability to provide multicurrency accounts, thus enabling international trading.

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