Debt Collection Merchant Account

A debt collection merchant account from will solve all of your credit card processing needs. Debt collection merchants are in a large and growing industry that is classified as high risk. Banks and credit card companies are very wary of debt collection companies since, by the nature of their business, they are collecting money from people with financial difficulties. Additionally, there are high chargeback rates. Since chargebacks are often the most important determinant of high risk businesses, banks often deny debt collection businesses of crucial services. Therefore, there is a high risk of merchant account termination.

At, we understand that unsuccessful transactions and high chargeback rates are some of the reasons that debt collectors are classified as high risk. offers an extensive range of services including high risk merchant accounts, online payment assistance, cash advances, internet merchant accounts, and domestic and international offshore merchant accounts. MerchantWorthy also provides an online gateway and virtual terminal for your account, allowing you to accept all major credit cards. also understands that because the very essence of the debt collection market is late payments, high risk accounts may be needed in an emergency situation. If this is the case, can have your account processed within 24 to 48 hours for emergency merchant account activation, right over the phone. For those in the debt collection industry, can solve your credit card processing needs with products that make your transactions seamless and efficient. Call us today! See how we can put you back on the track to becoming a successful debt collection business!

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